Caries Risk

Welcome to your Cavity Risk Quiz

How often each day do you tend to snack between meals?
Do you have frequent dry mouth or do you take any medications that cause or are known to cause dry mouth?
Do you drink water with fluoride on it on a regular basis?
How many times per day do you normally brush your teeth?
How often do you floss between your teeth?
When did you last have a professional dental cleaning?
When you go for a drink during the day, what are you most likely to select?
Have you had a cavity filled or have you needed a root canal or crown due to a cavity within the last 3 years?
Have you noticed any buildup of plaque and/or debris on your teeth (check in the mirror if you're unsure!)?
Have you noticed that chalky white spots have recently appeared on the smooth surfaces of your teeth?
Do cavities run on your mother's side of the family or with your siblings?
Do you wear a permanent orthodontic appliance or wire?
Have you lost any adult teeth due to cavities?
After having a meal, snack, soda, or juice, do you brush your teeth and/or use mouth rinse?