New Study Shows 6/10 Americans Too Afraid to Visit the Dentist.

In a recent poll of 2,000 Americans, it was found that 6 out of every 10 Americans avoid visiting the dentist out of fear. This is an oral health crisis in our country and we need to raise awareness of what modern dentistry has to offer to these fearful patients.

There were some statistics from the study that really stood out to me. Do any of these apply to you or to people you know?

  • 3/10 Millenials only brush their teeth once per day
  • 56% of Millenials have a fear of losing their teeth
  • Dentists were feared 7x more than neurologists and 2x more than medical surgeons
  • 3/10 people surveyed said they’d rather work a full day than undergo a dental procedure
  • 2/10 people surveyed said they’d rather give a speech in front of a large group of people than undergo a dental procedure

Of those surveyed, the top fears included pain during the visit (74%), pain after the visit (47%), fear of the dental drill sound (34%), and negative past experiences (29%). At AuraSmile Dental, we are all highly aware of these fears and have taken special measures to reduce or eliminate these common causes of dental fear and anxiety. Our mission is to get the word out to the general public that there are alternatives to the dental experiences of the past and that there is no reason to fear the dentist, especially in modern times.

Some of the measures we take at AuraSmile to address common dental fears include the following:

  • Often painless anesthesia using special materials and techniques
  • Complimentary headphones and entertainment during appointments to isolate the patient from sounds
  • Nitrous Oxide and Conscious Oral Sedation which make appointments much more enjoyable and even reduce the perception of time during the appointment
  • Complimentary hot towel service to help you feel clean and refreshed after your visit
  • Lip balm during the dental procedure for comfort

Your comfort and relaxation during your visit is something we all take very seriously at AuraSmile Dental. We know that many of your relatives and friends are fearful of visiting the dentist and may be neglecting their oral health as a result. With your help, we can get the word out to the community that there is a place with modern advancements in care that is accepting and will help them overcome their past fears of the dentist.


“But it doesn’t hurt!” – A Dentist’s Perspective on Tooth Pain and What It Means to You!


For this blog post, I have decided to talk about one of the most important topics for dental patients; dental pain. Dental pain is one of the least understood phenomena by patients because it is so different than what we are used to experiencing elsewhere in our bodies. For example, when you scrape your knee after falling on hard pavement, you instantly know something is wrong because of the intense pain that radiates up your leg. As time goes on, you may notice that the scrape has become infected and the pain has suddenly increased as a result. In severe cases, you may even have systemic effects of infection such as swollen lymph nodes or fever. When it comes to your teeth, however, the experience may be much different.

Our teeth are much more than meets the eye! Each and every tooth is a complex, multi-layered system of minerals (hydroxyapatite crystals to be specific), water, collagen, blood vessels, nerves, and more! Teeth can undergo many processes that may result in needing some sort of treatment whether it is a filling, a crown, or any number of dental procedures


What makes teeth so hard to understand is that not all of the problems associated with them cause pain! For example, most cavities begin as painless surface-level lesions which slowly progress over time inward toward the center of the tooth. The classic “toothache” syndrome doesn’t even become noticed until the decay has reached the very center of the tooth where the nerve and blood supply is located.

Sometimes, teeth can have deep decay and even fractured parts which are completely painless. Some teeth may respond to a large cavity by becoming necrotic. This means that the nerve inside the tooth has “died” due to bacterial invasion or trauma and now has a bony abscess forming without you even realizing what is happening. These abscess infections may even lead to hospitalization due to the infection spreading to other parts of the body.

As dentists and dental healthcare providers, we feel it is important for our patients to know that tooth pain is one of the least reliable methods for diagnosing dental problems. Without regular dental x-rays and check-ups, you may be unaware of exactly what is happening inside your teeth. Waiting until a tooth starts to ache before seeing the dentist could be an extremely expensive and time-consuming mistake which we attempt to avoid at all costs.

At AuraSmile Dental, we believe in preventative dental care with an emphasis on catching small problems before they become big headaches. We love taking the time to review with you all of your dental records including photographs and x-rays so that you have a thorough understanding of what is going on with your body. By doing so, we are able to work with you in a personal way to make the best decisions about your oral health going forward.

Don’t let procrastination or fear of the dentist stand in the way of you and a healthy mouth. Schedule an appointment today and find out how we can make things more comfortable,  more easy-to-understand, and more personalized than you’ve ever imagined a dental visit could be.

Got Crooked Teeth? Here’s What You Can Do Right Now! *Video*

Check out the quick video below to see Dr. Scott Voiers of AuraSmile Dental explain how crooked teeth can be fixed in less time than you might think thanks to invisible orthodontics!

Do you have crooked teeth? Did you have braces when you were younger only to find that over the years your teeth have started to shift out of alignment? Don’t feel too guilty, you’re not alone!

At AuraSmile Dental, we see countless patients with crooked teeth, especially in the front of the mouth. It can be discouraging to have spent years in braces as a teenager only to find that later on in life your teeth once again appear crooked and unsightly (no thanks to your dog for eating your retainer!). Many of us took for granted the straight teeth we had as kids and would love to once again have that beautiful, well-aligned smile. At AuraSmile, we understand how important this is to our patients and we believe in going the extra mile to make it more affordable and faster than ever to make this dream a reality.

Technology in orthodontics has grown in leaps-and-bounds over the past several years. The brackets and wires of years past have been replaced by clear aligners which can be worn with relative anonymity in comparison. With these aligner technologies, the field of orthodontics has become much more affordable and acceptable for adults. Many cases with invisible aligners can be completed in well under a year (and some even in 6 months or less!) with fantastic results.

If you have been thinking about fixing those crooked teeth and finally getting the dazzling smile you’ve always dreamed of, there is no better time than the present. Remember; the sooner you begin your aligner treatment the less correction (and time) it will require as your teeth continue to shift throughout your lifetime.

At AuraSmile, new and existing patients are welcome to free consultations for orthodontics and clear aligners. Even if you are unsure about whether it is right for you, we are happy to provide you with specific information about your case and show you what is possible. Schedule an appointment today and see Your AuraSmile dentist about invisible orthodontics!

Dr. Douglas W. Voiers on AuraSmile’s Mission & Philosophy of Patient Care *Video*

At AuraSmile, we feel strongly that our patients deserve to be treated as a whole person. In this new video, Dr. Douglas Voiers explains what separates AuraSmile Dental from dental experiences you may have had in the past and how our unique philosophy of care puts patients’ needs first.

Thinking About Whitening Your Teeth? Dr. Scott Voiers Explains Professional Whitening the AuraSmile Dental Way! *Video*

AuraSmile Doctors Travel To DentSply Sirona World 2017 To Learn From Renowned Leaders in Dentistry

This past weekend, the docs at AuraSmile Dental Avon, North Olmsted, and Cleveland had the incredible opportunity to attend the DentSply Sirona World 2017 meeting in Las Vegas, NV where they learned from world renowned speakers on the topics of cosmetic and advanced technology dentistry, endodontics, and orthodontics. This seminar is attended by leaders in advanced technology dentistry from across the country and represents the very latest in state-of-the-art techniques and practices for dentists who want the very best for their patients. At AuraSmile Dental, our pursuit of clinical excellence never ends and our doctors go above-and-beyond to ensure that patients receive the best possible care using the latest techniques and technology.


Learning More About Dental Phobia

An excessive fear of dentistry is known as dental phobia. The mere mention of certain words can trigger that gut-wrenching sense of terror to those with dental phobia. A phobia is the fear of a certain thing, which is baseless and unreasonable. However, this really exists and there are people who suffer from dental phobia. They are not ashamed about it and all they know is that they fear going to the dentist.

This gets even worse, and because of their extreme fear, they do not visit the dentist for treatment except when it reaches a very critical condition. This causes two problems: First, they are already in extreme pain when they show up at the dental clinic, and they will associate their pain with the place. Next, since they seldom see a dentist, their teeth are in a poor, if not worse condition, making them feel embarrassed. This aggravates their fear.

This becomes a vicious cycle, which is too hard to get out of, since individuals suffering from dental phobia do not want to see a dentist. It is just like having a fear of spiders or heights.

Nowadays, such phobias can easily be cured. However, those who seek to be cured are only those who want to overcome it because of personal reasons like moving to a place where there are lots of spiders or wanting to learn how to skydive.

Nevertheless, dental phobics want to conquer their fear due to some reasons. Some really do. There are many options that could help them.

Dental Phobia

Let us look into some specific things that people fear most that could cause their phobia.


This is a common fear since there is nothing to like about needles. The truth is the person who is holding the needle (like the doctor) has the control. The dentist can give a painless shot. However, this usually takes time to do it right.

This brings us to the next factor – there is someone else in control.

It is natural for people to want to have some control over their lives, but with regard to getting dental treatment, the dentist is the only one in control. So, the patient needs to trust him.

Noise and smell

Though these two factors should not affect you in any way, you just seem to sense them. The noises that dental instruments make sound too familiar. The same is true when it comes to the smell associated with a dental clinic. Both can easily turn off some people.


This is what a person senses every time the dentist works on the teeth. Though there may be no pain, you can feel the vibration. Some people can go through injections, but cannot stand the sensation caused by the vibration.

In need of more qualified advice, a second opinion or need to get in touch with an experienced Cleveland dentist? Book an appointment online today with one of our cosmetic dentists in Cleveland.

Cosmetic Dentistry – How an Awesome Smile Comes to Life

The following is a guide to factors that have an effect on the way our teeth look whenever we smile, and ways to change them to show a visible improvement.

Tooth color

While darker teeth are the most common problem of all, this can be easily fixed. A lot of people think that extra white teeth look perfect. In reality, very white teeth can look unnatural or fake, but no matter what, most of us would like to make the color of our teeth lighter to some extent.

To improve dull or discolored teeth, it is safe, effective and reliable to opt for a tooth whitening procedure. This can possibly be done within an hour at a dental clinic.

Tooth texture refers to the smoothness of a tooth’s surface. If possible, we would like our teeth to look extra smooth and have a glossy enamel because they look so shiny.

When your teeth enamel is rough or uneven, they look darker than usual, and dull as well.

Darker teeth can be lightened with the help of tooth whitening techniques. However, the most effective way to visibly improve rough/pitted tooth enamel is to put a covering on it. This can be done with “porcelain laminates” or veneers. When the enamel is just slightly pitted, the dentist can polish down the enamel a little bit. This will show some improvement though this is not really an ideal solution.

Tooth shape

Even if your teeth are white, smooth and glossy, you may not be happy with their shape. Sometimes some teeth are either too long, too short, too square or too worn down.

Fortunately, such problems can be addressed by a little re-shaping of the teeth. It is possible for uneven tooth edges to be straightened out by polishing down a little at the tip of the enamel. A very long tooth can be shortened by 1 to 2 mm through careful adjustment. Anything further than this would require a more complex treatment.

Tooth position

This can involve 2 problems. If you have irregular teeth that are closely packed together, the only solution is to undergo orthodontic treatment with braces.

However, if there are spaces in between your teeth and you do not like the gaps, there is one more option aside from getting braces.

Another situation that one might face is the amount of gum that shows whenever you smile. Even if your teeth are straight, white and glossy, you will still feel self-conscious when you show too much of your gum whenever you smile.

There are 2 available options. It can be possible to improve the way your smile looks by reducing the amount your upper lip raises when you smile. Botox can help in doing this, but to get it right, a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon or dentist should do this.

“Gum lift” is another option. In such procedure, the dentist will raise the level of your gum line in order for less gum to be visible whenever you smile. The procedure can be done straightforward if the level is only

Worried about the appearance of your teeth? Do you need a cosmetic dentist in Cleveland? Come and visit one of our locations today to learn more about our Cleveland dentists!

What Cosmetic Dental Treatments Are All About

To many people, a cosmetic dental treatment is any type of dental procedure that can improve the look of a patient’s teeth in a perfectly healthy mouth, which does not need any medical treatment. Such treatments can consist of tooth whitening, veneers and dental implants, which could considerably improve the way you smile, but are not really necessary.

When taking a cosmetic dental treatment into consideration, it is important to keep in mind that such a procedure can significantly improve the look of your smile, but will not have any effect on the health of your teeth.

Deciding on the right dentist for the job

Since such a treatment is not a requirement for oral health, usually they are not covered by dental insurance. Therefore, a lot of people go to private dental clinics or undergo cosmetic dental treatments in other countries. However, you have to remember that your family dentist is the best person to know the ins and outs of your mouth. Considering that most of the techniques utilized in these treatments are used daily in general dental practices, it is too obvious that when you want to go through a cosmetic dental treatment, the first person to consult is your family dentist.

Generally, a lot of family dentists will be happy to give advice on cosmetic dental treatments, and even provide private services that would let them perform the treatment you desire. However, if your treatment cannot be done in-house, your dentist can always refer you to a registered specialist to provide the smile enhancement you need.

First, you need to have a healthy mouth.

If you do not have a family dentist, the first thing we would advise you is you ensure that your mouth is healthy before even taking any treatments into consideration. You could ask family and friends to recommend a dentist, or as an option, use online services to find a dentist.

Once you register, proceed to the dentist for a check up to make sure there are no underlying issues that could keep you from going through cosmetic dental treaments. Also, check if your smile is perfectly healthy before having it enhanced.

How do you prepare?

Before proceeding with any cosmetic dental treatment, or before you even plan on getting the treatment you want, you should have your mouth thoroughly examined by your dentist. If needed, take pictures and X-rays. This allows the doctor to prepare a comprehensive and very detailed plan for you to have all the information set before deciding on the treatment.

Your dentist should discuss the treatment plan with you so he can explain all of the available options to get the smile you desire, and also the different risks involved in going through each treatment.

They should also provide you with a written plan, which you can take along and read when you have more time before agreeing to the treatment. This way, you will not make a decision just because you are being pressured by some hard sell approach or an intimidating dental clinic. With a plan in black and white, plus more breathing space, you have the chance to ask more questions and get the answers before committing yourself and your finances to any cosmetic dental treatment.

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