The number one cosmetic interest I hear from new patients is whitening. Tooth whitening takes many forms. From over-the-counter white strips to professional in-office whitening and everything in-between, patients have lots of options. At AuraSmile Dental, we are strong advocates for whitening because of the phenomenal results that can be achieved in a short amount of time. With so many options out there, it begs the question; “Why would I choose professional whitening?”

The reality is that you can achieve whiter teeth by just about any whitening method out there. Most whitening gels and strips are made up of the same active ingredients no matter if they’re sold by a professional or over-the-counter!

What separates AuraSmile’s professional whitening system from at-home whitening and one-time professional whitening is that we want you to be able to whiten your teeth now and for years to come. Simply have a quick set of impressions taken during one of your cleanings and stop by a few days later to pick up your custom trays and whitening gel. From that point forward, you will receive free whitening gel refills at every single six-month cleaning for life!

Our hand-made whitening trays distribute the whitening gel over your teeth and not onto the areas that are sure to cause pain and discomfort (such as your gums!). Over-the-counter strips are prone to slippage off the teeth and cover the gums as well as the teeth. In-office, one-day whitening at a dentist gives great results but can be expensive and time-consuming. At AuraSmile, we create custom whitening trays which are yours to keep forever and allow you to whiten as much as you like on your own time.

Our whitening solution at AuraSmile convenient and cost-effective for you while giving you the professional results you expect. Your trays deliver precise whitening just where you want it and our complimentary six-month refills are sure to help you maintain your beautiful smile for years to come.