AuraSmile Dental is proud to offer FastBraces™ Technology to our patients. Unlike traditional orthodontics, FastBraces™ allows us to correct misaligned teeth in as little as 20 weeks! Patented FastBraces™ Technology allows us to move teeth quickly, comfortably, and safely. How can we do this? FastBraces™ utilized a proprietary triangular bracket and special wire that is able to move teeth in several different ways at once. This dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to complete treatment in most cases. At AuraSmile Dental, we feel that this provides our patients with a superior orthodontic experience in both adolescents and adults who want straighter teeth.

FastBraces™ CLEAR – Need braces but don’t like the look of metal brackets? FastBraces™ Clear is here and includes clear brackets and wire which greatly reduces the visibility of your braces!

FastBraces™ METAL – Quickly straighten teeth affordably!

Ask your AuraSmile Dental professional for more information about this revolutionary new orthodontic system.